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Etcher installation guide and download: Using a flash drive for carrying data is a popular practice. We often take that magical stick with us everywhere and this one comes really useful when you need to transfer the data fast and in secured way. Balena has developed this open source software, and people can modify the original source code. Also this can be redistributed and modified by any user. This software is used for writing files on the storage devices.

Etcher makes the process of flashing the OS image file into the hard drive through three simple steps – select image, select drive and flash or burn. The program works for three different types of operating system, Windows, Llinux and Mac but the interface remains same.  This is a big reason of this app to become so famous worldwide, as the users will never feel any difference while they will be using this same software on different platforms.

Download Etcher
Software NameEtcher
Software VersionEtcher 1.5.87
Latest ReleaseOct 2020
Software Size130 MB
RequirementWindows 7 or Later
Download Link

Flashing a drive is the omnipotent job of Etcher and it works sufficiently hard to make the process easy for you. If you want to flash a USB thumb drive then most commonly you choose the unsafe mode, but it will be disabled by Etcher. The process is safer with this software and the novices will find it easy to trust this app.

Features of Etcher

Etcher has infinite scopes of being used. It is popularly known as a better way to burn, which means you can store data with this software in an easier way.

You must have faced issues when the data storage device is not booting. It is hard to recognize when it is corrupted. Etcher always stands distinct in such conditions when you can trust it for flashing features.

You do not have to ensure after burning the files on the storage device. No need to waste time to check and recheck if your important files are properly copied, as Etcher offers validated process of flashing. This app will itself double check the image which is burned on the drive so you are not left with trying to boot the wrong drive.

The user interface of Etcher is much pretty, simple and intuitive. You cannot possibly overwrite the hard drive with this interface. When you select the drive, the further directions are clearly stated in straight forward language. The drive picker is designed such way that you should not mess with the hard drive by overwriting the files.

  • Being open source, Etcher offers you the possibility to contribute programs like JS, HTML, node.js, and Electron. All these languages are involved in creating this coding so this has been made better with easy availability. This is free software. No need to use complicated installation process any further, as Etcher has the simple cross platform functionality. It flashes in a much faster way and is best option for flashing for everyone.
  • This software has been used to write more than a million SD cards along with same number of USB drives. The fame that it has got so soon is the result of its compatibility with Windows, Linux and MacOS. This one can write .iso, img as well as .zip files on the hard drives.
  • The working process is too simple. You just have to select the image and then from the drive picker you will select the drive. Next you can hit the flash button and it will be done. As it has the in-built drive picker, you will never miss the drive or make any overwriting error.

Download Etcher for Windows

You will prefer Etcher for various reasons, one being, it supports multi-boot USBs along with persistent storage on Ubuntu images. You can also avail CLI which is there to help you write images or validate the flashes from the command line. The benefit of CLI tool is that it does not depend upon the Electron framework. It works on its own on cases of smaller downloads and installation size. Custom script writing using CLI is also another great feature put to Etcher by the developers. That is why it is famously called the software to be able to perform tasks like multi-writes.

Installing Etcher On Your Computer

You can download Etcher for Windows as well as macOS or Linux platform. The websites will offer you the free downloading of this software. Also you can get it from GitHub release page. The Linux build of the Etcher is available with AppImage package and you can get it in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. For those who are unaware of the AppImage thing, here is a little explanation for you. AppImages contain runtime for self and thus no need for manual installation for the root access.  Only you have to give the adequate permissions on necessary steps. This runs similarly like any Linux distro. You can download it and it will work on its own.

There are different ways of downloading Etcher. First we will show you the conventional process:

You can use apt and install Etcher from the repository on the Ubuntu. You need to use the AppImage to get the repo set up. It will enable the further Etcher updates automatically. The software updater tool present on your PC will let it take updates on its own.

Download Etcher app
  • You can first add the Etcher repo. To do that you need to go to the software and update app.
  • After going to the particular app icon, you will select the Other Software tab.
  • Now click on Add button and type or paste the link given here.
  • deb stable etcher
  • Now click on Add Source and confirm the change you have made. Now you can close the Software and Updates tab.
  • If you are thinking of adding the repo via any terminal then type this command
  • echo “deb stable etcher I sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/balena-etcher.list
  • To add the repository key need the following steps. If you want to allow Ubuntu to check the Etcher package that is installed from the repo then add this key. Ubuntu will disable the unsigned repos by default after installing Etcher.
  • A new terminal window needs to be opened for this process, there you will type or paste this command
  • Sudp apt-key adv –keyserver –recv-keys 379CE192D401AB61
  •  This will update the package list and the app will be installed. Next you will type this command
  • sudo apt update && sudo apt install balena-etcher-electron

Now you can successfully launch Etcher from the application grid. Now you can follow the onscreen instruction to successfully boot the USB.

How to Use Etcher?

On the PC run by Windows or Mac, you can follow this process. Get the file of Etcher from any website that is trusted. You will get plenty of such sites from internet.

After downloading the raw file you need to double click on it to install the software on your PC. While the .exe file runs you have to wait.

After a few seconds, you will get the Etcher set up wizard on your screen. You need to drag the Etcher app to the application folder on Mac. double clicking on it will open it. On Windows you need to run this app on administrator mode. For that you need to right click on the Etcher icon and select “Run as Administrator” option.You are done with this process and can now use Etcher.


Etcher offers hassle free USB burning and booting and the speed it works on, is surely loved by the professionals. The functionality and nuance it works with is quite appreciated by the users and thus it has been used by millions of users worldwide. The effectiveness of the burning process was not gained earlier by any other software. Etcher offers you more productive time when you are done fast with the booting and burning of hard drives. Also you do not have to worry much about the proper burning of files on proper drive as it checks the matter on its own.

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