Rufus vs Etcher Which is better? Detailed comparison

Rufus vs Etcher: Rufus and Etcher works for the same purpose. Both of these are software used for burning the hard drives, and flash drives.  Rufus has been more popular among the users due to various reasons. Here we have jotted them down.

Rufus vs Etcher


This is a smart open source application which works smoothly and is pretty easy to use. This application works similarly like Rufus and helps you to create bootable USB drive which can be used to add live CD versions of DRBL, Tux2live or Clonezilla.

  • It can be downloaded and installed through a simple process. It works fine with Windows 10 PC, Linux or Mac OS.  So this is true cross platform software. Other than windows 10, it works fine with the other versions like 8, 8.1 and 7.
  • The program is an alternative way of burning the DVD or CD. This one has a basic and simple interface which works great for the professionals as well as the novices.
  • The Etcher program takes auto update. The latest version of this program will automatically be downloaded and installed on your device. Live Linux distro will be used to create the bootable USB.
  • This program easily creates the bootable USB with OS image in 7Z or ISO format. The output will be USB drive or a hard drive. Etcher uses syslinux in the ISO or zip file so the USB drive becomes bootable.
  • You can install Linux form the USB device but do not have to waste the physical CD or DVD for that purpose.

The USB flash drives those are taken in the Ether processing must have a FAT partition to be used.


This software works in a versatile way. It can locate the USB drive on its own, no need to select the drive while you will be trying to burn any image on the flash drive.

This is open source software which means the coding can be distributed or modified by the end users.

This one has been acclaimed to be one of the fastest applications by the users. It can work smoothly to create a complete bootable USB within few minutes. This one works much faster than some of its competitors like UNetbootin and Universal USB Installer.

This is small sized software so it will not take up much space on your device.

The users have claimed that Rufus is a safe application. It never allows any malware to attack your PC while using it.


This one does not work for the operating system other than windows. So we cannot call it a cross platform app. The users of Mac or Linux need to seek help from other flash drive burners.

Comparison of Etcher and Rufus:

As it can create the live versions of DRBL or Clonezilla, as mentioned above, it stays a few steps ahead of Rufus in this aspect.

Also Etcher works great for the multiple platforms while Rufus works on Windows only. This is another reason for preferring Etcher better than Rufus.

So from the perspective of functionality, Etcher stays a few steps ahead of Rufus. We recommend Etcher to be a better program to create bootable flash drive.

Rufus vs Etcher Which is better? Detailed comparison

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